Jessica Alba likes nice boys

Jessica Alba says she has a soft spot for men who are traditional and chivalrous. She says her boyfriend, Cash Warren, has those qualities which is what swept her off her feet.

He is very smart and respectful. Guys should treat women with respect. I am still lady-like and feminine, but unfortunately a lot of men have lost their sense of chivalry. I like a man to open doors and offer to pay. But by no means do I need him to pay for things or tell what I should or shouldn’t do. I wouldn’t like that. I’ll have the children and be a wife, but I’m also going to work.”

I’m amazed Cash Warren is able to concentrate on things like opening car doors when he’s following this ass around everywhere. Me, I’m not as high maintenance as Jessica Alba. Sure, I think it’s great when guys do those gallant things, but I don’t expect it from them. I’m most impressed by the ones who don’t pull out too many strands of hair when they drag me by it to the bedroom and I really like the ones who try to aim stuff away from my eyes. I’m pretty easy going that way.

These pictures of Jessica are from over the weekend. I’m sure many of you will be disappointed by her fully clothedness, but perhaps you could write her a letter and suggest that cold New York weather is no excuse not to wear a bikini while walking your dog. Take one for the team, Jess.

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