Posh and Becks are putting on a show

Contact Music is reporting today that David and Victoria (“Posh Spice”) Beckham are faking wedded bliss in order to keep the money flowing by selling their ‘happily married’ image.

The Real Madrid footballer and his wife are suing the News Of The World over an article published last year (04) in which their former nanny, Abbie Gibson, claimed the Beckham’s marriage has broken down.

During the pretrial hearing at London’s law courts yesterday (17OCT05), defence lawyer Richard Spearman, QC, told presiding judge MR Justice Gray, “Because their substantial fortunes depend upon their public perception, the claimants have been cynically and hypocritically trying – for financial reasons – to convince the public that they continue to enjoy a happy marriage.

The true position is that their marriage has been rocked and seriously damaged by the first claimant’s (David’s) infidelity and betrayal of the second claimant (Victoria), leading to inevitable tensions and rows between them.”

Of course their marriage is a big sham. Nobody as delicious as David Beckham could stand to be married to an arrogant, pig nosed leatherface like Posh Spice and not get a piece, or several pieces on the side in order to maintain his sanity. The man should not be the only pretty one in a relationship between a man and a woman and the woman should not spend the marriage turning herself into a flat piece of tanned hide whose only round parts are nostrils and cantaloupe implants. Sometimes it’s better not to screw with nature.

Below are pictures of Victoria at the Fashion Rocks party and charity show and I’d like to thank the woman in black in the fourth picture for that look on her face which kept me laughing for about five minutes and sums up what took me about thirty minutes to write.

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