Lopez is maternal and Cruise is still mental

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Jenny here, sending a few links your way:

Jennifer Lopez (a.k.a. ‘JeLo’) insists her employees call her ‘Mom’. Most of us are aware of the fact that Jennifer Lopez is is long overdue for a swift kick in the ass. God, I can’t stand her. And it really annoys me that we share the same first name. I’d prefer not to be associated in any way with someone as useless as Lopez. She can’t sing, she can’t act and she’s about as well behaved as a mangy cat who takes a dump on your pillow while she stares you right in the eye.


Tom Cruise pissed off his alleged ‘friend’ Jamie Foxx when he donated $5,000 in Foxx’s name to his beloved cult, the Church of Scientology. Foxx was also weirded out when a recent dinner with Cruise turned into a Scientology sales pitch. It amazes me that anyone who knows how hungry Cruise is to convert everyone to Scientology can be tricked into meeting him for dinner at some ‘surprise’ destination and not assume he’s going to be his usual, insane self. Seriously, people. Tom Cruise plays Tom Cruise in every movie, so why are so many of you still buying tickets to his movies? Anyone who considers casting him might as well name his character “Tom Cruise” because he can’t ever stray from his Napoleon complex and trademark disingenuous laugh. I’d rather watch Courtney Love get a pap smear than see another Tom Cruise movie.