Jenny McCarthy is a million dollar author

Apparently publishing companies in this country just hand out million dollar checks to whoever walks in the door. It could be a naked model, a vacuuming robot or a roller-skating parrot, it really doesn’t seem to matter. Qualifications and literacy are a plus but not required. This from MSNBC:

Jenny McCarthy was writing a light-hearted book about marriage – until her divorce. The former pin-up penned a book called Marriage Laughs and a source says she had just sold the humorous, how-to guide for $1 million. ‘Jenny was deliriously in love with her husband and her book, which is hilarious, was going to be a [part of a] series about marriage,’ says a source. ‘Jenny was going to be the spokeswoman for a generation of young, sassy, married women. But just as the contract was being signed, Jenny filed for divorce.’

No one wants to have sex with Jenny McCarthy more than me, but if there was a ranking of ten million places to get advice, you would probably have to scroll down quite a while to find her name. Its gonna be a few spots beneath “fortune cookies” and “stuff spelled out by your Alpha Bits”. This article mentions that the title of the book has now been changed, but unless its now called “How To Trick Me Into Anal Sex”, these people can kiss their million dollars goodbye.