Zahara Jolie is not an orphan

Despite every initial report claiming that Zahara Marley Jolie was orphaned when both of her parents died of AIDS, the Sun UK is reporting today that Wakka Wakka’s mom is an 18 year old girl named Mentewab Dawit, and she is alive and well in Ethiopia.

The Sun also has a picture of the girl next to a picture of Jolie holding Wakka. This may or may not constitute legally binding proof that she is Wakka’s mother; I don’t know, I’m not a lawyer. She does kind of look like Wakka, but a closer look reveals that they have different last names, so now I don’t know what to think.

update – more now on the the saga of Wakka Wakka, from the Sun and Female First UK:

Mentewab Dawit was brutally raped in 2004 and discovered she was pregnant four months later. She named her daughter Setota, which means “gift”, moved in with her mother and took a job at a construction company but still found her bills impossible to pay and could only watch as her daughter lost a drastic amount of weight.

I was all alone after giving birth, but I was so happy to have my child, but I was thinking about its future. I could only eat a piece of bread each day, so it was very difficult to me to breastfeed my child. I assumed my baby was going to die.”

Dawit eventually gave the baby up for adoption and was relieved when Setota/Zahara Marley was found a home in July but had no idea who had adopted her child until the Sun tracked her down in a town outside of the Ethiopian capital.

I am so grateful to this lady for giving my daughter a better life. I want them both to know I love them very much. I want to say thank you to Angelina for giving my baby this wonderful, loving family. I want to ask just one thing of Angelina – which is that she gives my child the education I would love for her. In the future I would like to know about her condition, but I will never try to interfere with their lives.”