Cameron Diaz is cheap and litigious

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Radar Online is posting an email this morning from celebrity attorney Marcy Morris demanding that the magazine stop plans to print an article about Cameron Diaz and her well known rep for being an idiot with horrible skin frugal.

Some of the highlights from Radar’s upcoming story that the email demands not be printed:

1. That Cameron Diaz has a habit of using her star power to leverage free rides on jets and discounts at trendy clothing stores, and that when people don’t give in she refuses to have anything more to do with the companies.

2. That Ms. Diaz constantly tries to pay the lowest possible salaries for her employees and retainers.

3. That after MTV cancelled [her MTV show] “Trippin”, Ms. Diaz gave them a bill for expenses that included her personal trainer, hairdresser, make up artist, and extra hotel fees but then, when asked to show the receipts, she threatened to sue.

It’s obviously awesome that Cameron’s dumb little show was about rolling around in the mud in third world nightmares where alien like diseases are the number one export and “ham” on a menu is simply a space saving way to write “hamster”. And then the cameras shut down and Cameron runs back to her palatial resort and racks up million dollar tabs for hairdressers and make up artists before doing her voice over to lecture the rest of us about how we should live like raccoons. Because she saw a pygmy wearing a gorilla head as a hat doing it on her vacation. Her vacation from sitting courtside at Lakers games, surfing in Malibu and banging a beautiful boy bander. Either Cameron is blissfully ignorant to the fact that that she’s an insufferable hypocrite, or she knows and simply doesn’t care. And neither one of those is good.

I dare any of you to present an expense report to your boss with absolutely no documentation or receipts. I dare you. Not only will you be fired, you’ll be dragged to the desert and buried alive in a casket filled with scorpions. And you’ll deserve it.