AM is ignored, Alicia is delusional, ‘the Inside’ is done

Nicole Richie ignores her fiance at the opening of his club: “The skeletal socialite (Richie) tore up the dance floor with an unidentified hunk and waited nearly an hour before saying hello to her man, (DJ AM) who was spinning in his deejay booth, ‘(AM) ignored her and pushed her away from him with an angry look on his face,’ our spy tells us.”

The New York Daily News has the story. A Socialite’s Life has the pics.


Alicia Silverstone hates being famous: Umm, okay wait … where am I? And what year is it? (Source – Contact Music.)


Unseen the Inside stills: Fox actually gave the Inside a longer breath than they give a lot of shows, and this thing was kind of a mess, so maybe they deserve some credit. But there were 3 episodes shot that will never air and some stills from one of those showed up online today. Here, Special Agent Rebecca Locke is held captive by what appears to be former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. Why Madeleine Albright would be holding captive an FBI agent, I have no idea.

note – inside the fat suit in those stills from the Inside is William Mapother, maybe best known as Ethan Rom on LOST and as Tom Cruises first cousin.