Britney Spears is having a boy named Preston

MSNBC is reporting that, despite earlier reports that Britney Spears was expecting a girl, it now appears that she is going to have a baby boy.

The expectant singer went on an after-hours shopping spree at an exclusive Beverly Hills area baby store where she bought all baby boy clothes. ‘Her rep called the store, Petit Tresor, and had it closed down and Britney came in with her body guards and spent about $10,000,’ says a source. ‘She has very good taste, actually: elegant and simple. I was surprised.”

I’ll ignore the obviously awesome shot at Britney by the store employee and note that IMDb says the couple may have settled on a name:

Spears and her husband have both taken a liking to ‘Preston’. A spokesman said “They are mulling over several names but the one they favor is Preston. It would be a lovely name.”

The spokesman did not go on to add, “all this thinking done befuddled her dumb cracker mind!”

And obviously I know these pictures are old, but I simply refuse to acknowledge what Drexl Spivey has done to this girl. I just won’t. I’m like a trauma survivor who won’t be stopped by the pain. So in that sense, I’m a hero. The greatest hero of all, some would say.