Hugh Jackman passes on James Bond

Hugh Jackman has been offered the chance to play James Bond in the remake of Casino Royale, but he will turn down EON Productions and not accept the role. Official word is that Jackman couldn’t find room to shoot the three new Bond movies the studio wanted because of long standing commitments including the third X-Men movie and the upcoming Wolverine solo project. Other reports say his wife talked him out of it and another whisper says Jackman feared becoming typecast. Word now is that the new list of possible Bonds looks pretty much like the old list, with Daniel Craig, Alex O’Lachlan, Ioan Gruffudd and Julian McMahon all being reconsidered.

It’s borderline offensive to hear that “typecast” thing. Cause he could still do art house stuff or theater if he wanted, so he would only be typecast as the dude cashing 25 million dollar checks every three years. If that were me, you would have to pry me out of that role like Princess Di out of a limo.

Thanks to my internet crush Christie for the lead.