Liz Hurley is topless

I’m hilarious and a fox in bed. I’m also a published medical ethicist and I have a “Hot Ass” competition named after me at Lake Havasu, but I’m poor, so I rarely get to hang out with topless supermodels in exotic ports of call. This guy is a tubby lump whose goal for tomorrow is to pull his shorts all the way up to his chest, but he’s got a yacht bigger than the high school I went to, so his reward is to hang out with Liz Hurley naked. I don’t seem to have the right hobbies necessary to know who this guy is, but I bet he has almost no material on how fat Courtney Love has gotten.

And I’m not saying a word about the naked 8 year old boy. I don’t happen to know any gay people, but I bet a good test to determine gayness is if your kid is more excited by the naked firefighter doll than the naked supermodel.

These pictures are NSFW.