Jennifer Garner is really really pregnant

I read a quote like a hundred years ago where Jennifer Garner said she always wanted to “hang onto her dreams”. So I’m hoping for her sake that getting impregnated by a B-List actor was one of those dreams, since it’s undeniable at this point that it’s happened. Jennifer Garner looks so good. And by that I mean nice and proper and clean. You normally only see faces like this on a bus to math camp or teaching Mormon Sunday school. So it’s still hard to imagine that she willingly laid down with Ben Affleck. It’s not hard to imagine that Affleck is such a spaz and so excited about being with a hottie like Garner instead of a bitchy lump like JLo that he couldn’t hang on for more than 10 seconds and didn’t pull out in time. That part snaps into focus with no trouble at all.