Pam Anderson is marrying Tommy Lee. Again.

“Pam Anderson is hoping her third wedding with Tommy Lee will be the charm,” according to a story on Page Six. “Lee – who has already walked down the aisle twice with Anderson – popped the question again on Friday at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas. ‘He got her a black diamond with two gray diamonds on the side. After she said yes, they flew on the Palm’s private jet back to L.A. – but they crossed out the ‘L’ on the side of the jet so it said ‘Pams.’ The kooky couple then shacked up at the Mondrian for the weekend and told pals the wedding would happen “this week.”

Just for the record, I would still bang the life out of Pam Anderson. As would every other straight guy my age, regardless of what they tell girls at the office. Pam Anderson was the defining sexual object of my youth. Taking a ride on her would be like taking a ride on the Millenium Falcon. Or having an adventure with Winnie the Pooh. I spent way too much time day-dreaming about sex with her to ever turn down the chance if it presented itself. Hepatitis? Little ragged? Little bit of a stomach? Yes to all of those – and I still don’t care. Look, the odds of me getting hepatitis are pretty good anyway, so once Pam and I both have it, well my friends, now the fun really begins!

update – okay, those pictures above don’t really back up my contention that Pam is still pretty F-able. Based on those pictures, it just looks like I secretly want to have sex with David Lee Roth. So I’m putting these up of Pam and Tommy on that trip the Page Six article references.

What’s that you say? These pictures look like the ones on the Superficial? But they don’t have the Superficial tag? And they do have the LimeLight “please do not remove” tag? Yes, well, that’s because some people enjoy stealing other peoples work and pretending its their own. Which is why my archives are still up on the Superficial. He refuses to take them down, even though he has no right to them anymore. Good times, yo. Good times.