Kirsten Dunst is revolting

You could freeze someone in liquid nitrogen for 30 years and they would come out looking better than Kirsten Dunst looks here. Manatees have more muscle tone than she does. Sloth from Seven had better definition in his legs. You normally only see cellulite like this in a “Before” picture. She lays out by this pool every single day and never gets even an ounce of sun. Good luck figuring that one out, scientists. It’s like even her pigment is ashamed to be seen with her. Some Vitamin C would help that and cure her scurvy so she could maybe show some posture for once instead of slumping around like Bigfoot.

Seeing her stare down her top at her miserable boobs actually made me wonder if she was somehow getting even uglier, but that’s like wondering if a turkey could get even uglier. They’ve both pretty much maxed out. Or bottomed out. Whichever one is worse.