Lindsay Lohan is pale and creepy

Lindsay Lohan on the set of A Prairie Home Companion is so pale and sickly, she looks like she should be guiding you through the consequences of a selfish life in an Italian opera. Is she a hemophiliac? Why is there no blood in her legs? Maybe Robert Altman could stop trying to get a piece long enough to share the wheelchair and have her checked out. Prairie Home Companion, if nobody knows, is based on the long running PBS radio show based on the work of humorist Garrison Keillor. And of course “humorist” means “not funny, but written in a pretentious folksy style that tricks other pretentious morons into thinking that that a joke has been told, even though that’s clearly not the case.” The only people who laugh at this sort of thing are 800 year old mummies and they should probably get a note from their doctor before they do.

If you’d like to learn more about hemophilia, you can visit, who would like to remind you that they’re “the Leading Cord Blood Site on the Net”. Don’t be fooled by imitators trying to cash in on the hemophilia craze, when you think uncontrolled bleeding, think


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