Lindsay Lohan Has a Good Memory

After working with Robert Altman on his last film before his death, A Prairie Home Companion, Lindsay Lohan called the legendary director “…the closest thing to my father and grandfather that I really do believe I’ve had.” So, what better way for Lindsay to pay her respects but to attend Altman’s memorial service this past Tuesday. And by “attend” I mean “go out drinking with Steve-O from Jackass.” A source so awesomely said:

If he was so important to her, where was she?”

Lindsay’s 30 days of rehab went so well that she’s been seen going out every night since her release. And of course nothing is going to happen to Lindsay when Steve-O’s around. They probably left the club and went to the library or volunteered at a soup kitchen. Because what could possibly go wrong when you hang out with a guy whose hobbies include jacking off on Nicole Richie and swinging scorpions from his balls?

Lindsay out partying on February 17th:



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