Avril Lavigne is engaged

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From Yahoo News: “Us Weekly says the 20-year-old [Avril Lavigne] is engaged to marry Deryck Whibley, the frontman for the punk-pop group Sum 41. [She] began dating the 25-year-old musician in early 2004. They had been friends for several years before that, the magazine said.”

Here are some pictures that might show the engagement ring Deryck gave Avril. He better just hope she never snuggles up to me like this, or my sexy bedroom eyes will force her to kiss me and she’ll immediately notice how much I taste like intrigue and danger. She’ll also probably notice that I don’t have any dumb ass random letters in the spelling of my name. No pointless Y’s or T’s or pictures of elephants. And if she marries me, her last name wont be Whibley, which makes him sound like he should be running the orphanage that me and my diverse group of friends have to save by winning the breakdancing competition.