Kabbalah is ‘Hollywood’s hottest cult’

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I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around how 10 shades of crazy you have to be to take the title of ‘hottest Hollywood cult’ away from Scientology, but Kaballah sure as hell is trying. Radar Online has put up the first report in a series on the religion of Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Madonna, Guy Ritchie and Britney Spears. Some of the highlights include:

– The Centre’s leaders have claimed its Kabbalah Water can do everything from cleansing the lakes of Chernobyl to curing cancer. All the same, Madonna is going to team up with the Centre in marketing the water to the masses.

– Kabbalah Centre founder Philip Berg has made suspicious claims about being the rightful successor to revered kabbalist Rabbi Yehuda Brandwein. Berg also settled a lawsuit that charged him with copyright infringement and plagiarism.

– The Centre has a penchant for lending money (presumably donated to the “church” by parishioners) to companies owned by the Bergs’ friends. That includes one $1.8 million loan to a company that flips real estate in inner-city L.A. neighborhoods.

– The Bergs’ luxurious lifestyle stands in stark contrast to the bleak four-to-a-bedroom quarters of those who cook and clean for them, making $35 a month.

The next time some celebrity wants to lecture you on politics or the environment or war, please keep in mind the other insane stuff they believe and the genuine disdain they have towards you. Have no doubt, Hollywood is filled with drug-addict, whore-chasing, fuck-ups who sincerely do believe that they’re better then the mechanic in Mississippi who loves his wife and kids. The only good news is that they’re rich and easily duped, so anyone with a moose costume and a flashlight could probably convince a bunch of them that only the MooseLight Foundation can show the way to true enlightenment. That should be good for at least a few million.