Christina Aguilera music now officially torture

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This week, Time magazine “reports on the interrogation of Mohammed al Qahtani at Guantanamo Bay, who is widely believed to be the so-called 20th hijacker, a compatriot of Osama bin Laden and a man who had tried to enter the U.S. in August 2001 to take part in the Sept. 11 attacks … The quizzing now starts at midnight, and when (al Qahtani) dozes off, interrogators rouse him by dripping water on his head or playing Christina Aguilera music.”

Thanks a lot pussy liberals. This could have been an awesome report if not for you, and they could have replaced the words “dripping water onto” with “slammed a hammer into” and “playing Christina Aguilera music” with “execute”. Honest to God, once I’m in charge, if I see any electronic equipment brought into a room with a guy involved with 9/11, I better hear the phrase, “Red is positve, black is negative” and “don’t bother with any KY”.