Tom Cruise is insane

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Katie Holmes’s vagina must be like a magical box of wishes, cause Tom Cruise has lost his fuckin’ mind. I’m sure he could probably act more bat-shit crazy that he has been, but I’ll be dammed if I can think of how. A report this morning on Rush and Molloy says, among other things, that “The star recently gave an unprecedented six-hour tour of three of (Scientology’s) facilities to Details’ writer Holly Millea. “I don’t believe in hiding things,” he told Millea. The “crash-course” included lectures and a gift-wrapped plaque containing Scientology’s Code of Honor … (And when) shooting “War of the Worlds” with Steven Spielberg, Cruise went so far as to pitch a Scientology tent on the set, where well-groomed “volunteer ministers” in suits offered massages – called “assists” – to cast and crew. Cruise also opens up about self-reliance (“I don’t discuss things with anybody else”), psychiatry (“it’s a pseudo-science”), prescription medication (“any drug you put in your system is a poison”) and reincarnation (at death, you leave your body and “go get another one”).

Yikes. It’s a good thing he doesn’t believe in psychiatry or go to psychiatrists, because if he did, the doctor would just sit there, patiently listening and nodding while drawing a picture of a baseball with a screw in it. Or maybe a cuckoo clock.