Paris Hilton is not that rich

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A report from Radar Online is claiming that, “While the tabs typically gush about the Hiltons’ ‘$1 billion fortune,’ (they) have long scraped by on freebies and a modest trust fund. ‘The truth is, there are so many Hiltons out there that each one is due only a few million,’ a source close to the family says.” The unnamed source goes on to claim that “(Paris will) definitely get pregnant very quickly. It’ll guarantee her an income for life.”

It would be easy to call Paris Hilton a money hungry tramp. And fun too, so here I go: Paris Hilton is a money hungry tramp who has every advantage at her disposal and still only manages to look like a tarted up hussy. At best. At worst she looks like something from the valley in the 80’s whose hair was stiff and sticky and not because of hair gel. And by “at worst” I mean “every day of her life”.