Britney Spears is having a baby girl

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According to a report on MSNBC, Britney Spears is expecting a baby girl:

“The pregnant pop tart loaded up on designer infant clothes – all for girls – at Petit Tresor, one of Hollywood’s chicest tot emporiums. ‘I don’t think it was a present for someone else, she was buying a lot.’ The mom-to-be also stocked up on such accessories as blankets and bibs. A rep at the store confirmed Britney’s shopping spree but declined to give details. ‘She was very private, and we respect that,’ said the rep. ‘And she was also very pleasant.'”

This kid would have a better chance being raised by hungry wolves, but if Britney and Kevin have to get one, thank God it’s gonna be a girl. They would have screwed up a boy or a girl, but at least a girl will act on her emotional emptiness by stripping in 18 years and four months. As opposed to them torturing a boy with their insane, spoiled antics, in which case he would be the one carjacking me in 15 years or approaching me in a truck stop bathroom and asking if I wanted to “party”.