“X-Men 3” has no director

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Several sources confirming now that Layer Cake director Matthew Vaughn has stepped away from X-Men 3. The movie is extremely deep into pre-production, casting has been set with the addition of Kelsey Grammar as Beast, Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut, and the actor set to play Angel was supposed to named in the next few days. A release date has already been set for Memorial Day, 2006 and filming is still set to begin in nine weeks, even though there is no director attached at this time. Sources at Marvel Comics insist that Vaughn’s departure was for personal and not professional reasons. And for some reason that reminds me that Vaughn is married to Claudia Shiffer (that’s the back of Vaughn’s head in the pictures below) and makes me wonder if this is somehow related to her. Maybe Ripley was trying to kill her again. Or … umm … I was trying to make a ‘Claudia Shiffer looks like the queen from Aliens’ joke but I can’t think of how to do it. I’m positive there’s one here somewhere. Cause Claudia Shiffer looks like the queen from Aliens. What? Oh, okay, fine, you’re so god-damn funny, you write the page!

(Brendon storms away, slams door in a huff. A sexxxy huff.)