Demi and Ashton got married. Maybe.

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Did Demi Moore get married to Ashton Kutcher over the weekend? The definitive answer is ” … ummm … “. But at least one source, the website Liquid Generation, seems pretty convinced they did.

“…Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were MARRIED last night, Saturday May 28, 2005 … in Ponte Vidra Beach, Florida. At a friend’s mansion. It was transformed to look like a movie set. They brought in a huge winding staircase that Demi walked down. 250 Guests. Two restaurants did the catering: one of them was Medure Restaurant. The other was Matthew’s at San Marco.”

It find it borderline impossible that 250 guests and the countless stoned employees of a catering company could keep this quiet for three days. Or why they would want to. There was another site saying they had conformation on the story as well, but I can’t find that one now. So just take my word on it. If fact, if you could do that with everything from now on, that would really help me out. Looking all this crap up is exhausting. But a quick wedding might be related to these pictures of Demi taken last Wednesday, where she may or may not be hiding her pregnant stomach. She should probaly carry two bags from now on so she can also hide her new giant ass. Honest to God, that anonymous dudes ass looks hotter then hers. Of course, he’s not sloping around like Bigfoot in 50 yards of denim and one of those god-damn trucker hats, so well done there Anonymous Dude. Call me.