Demi Moore Wants All Of Ashton Kutcher’s Money Basically

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“Oh hell naw, bitch.” – Mila Kunis

It took more than a year for Ashton Kutcher to file for divorce from Demi Moore, and now three months later, Demi has filed her divorce response. It basically just asks for Ashton’s PIN. Radar Online reports:

Demi Moore has formally filed her divorce response to Ashton Kutcher’s previous filing, and her papers reveal a big cheating secret, is reporting exclusively. Moore cites the date of separation as November 17, 2011. That’s crucial because Ashton hooked up with Sara Leal in San Diego about a month BEFORE that — with Leal claiming that he said he was separated. But Demi’s papers show that she certainly thought they were still together while he was off with the other woman! And now she wants Ashton to pay. Demi is seeking spousal support from the super rich actor and wants Kutcher to pay her legal bills. She cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the breakup.

Ashton Kutcher is banging Mila Kunis and made $24M last year (and millions more in tech startup investments) for his role on Two and Half Men, making him the highest paid actor on television. On the other hand, Demi Moore spent 2012 having people call 911 for her and spending time in rehab. But Ashton Kutcher stuck his penis in a girl in Vegas once, so now he has to pay Demi a sum of money every month. Makes perfect sense when you think about it.