Britney Spears gives up her dog

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More posting from my Memorial Day sex-abration, cause I seem to have some free time now. The bad news is, I think one of the models is dead. The good news is, it just got easier for me to get anal. Anyway, a report from Glamour UK is saying that Britney Spears has gotten rid of that god-damn dog she’s been carrying around because husband Kevin Federline insisted that the dog had to go. On the surface this might seem kinda cool – like Kevin actually did something reasonable for once – but if his wife the billionaire who provides him with his opulent lifestyle wants an irritating dog, maybe just maybe she should be able to have an irritating dog. It’s why I’m going to sleep the sleep of the pure at heart even after I jump at my first chance to bounce a rock off the thin layer of bone that separates Kevin’s brain from me.