Billy Zane really does want to be President

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I realize this was already covered in our post Saturday but the sheer insanity of the idea demanded a follow-up in the desperate hope that maybe we just misread the initial reports. Umm … we didn’t. Several outlets ran the story, including Sky News and Ananova :

“Billy (Zane) has decided that he rather fancies being the US President – and wants Kelly (Brook) by his side in the White House. An exec on Billy’s new movie … told the Daily Mirror … ‘When he first discussed standing for President, everyone thought Billy was having a laugh. But he explained that he’d looked into funding.'”

I’ve said some fairly remarkable stuff while trying to trick girls, but it’s usually unprovable stuff like I’m a top secret rocket ship pilot or I invented the panda bear. Or, yeah, you’re so right, Crissy is a bitch and she totally wants to keep you from making the squad. But promising to make a girl the most powerful woman on earth seems a tad ambitious, I don’t care how big her tits are. Actually … umm, that’s not true. I very much do care how big her tits are.