Kelly Brook and Billy Zane are Back Together

Despite breaking up with him and calling off their engagement last month, Kelly Brook is reportedly now back with Billy Zane. Brook allegedly left her vacation in Cornwall and told a friend that “he’s the one,” after Zane begged to be taken back. Damn you, Billy Zane. Damn you to hell! The Sun says:

…they spent the night together at a posh West London hotel after Billy persuaded her to give their four-year love another chance. The actor, 42, had earlier cycled to buy chocs and roses after jetting in from a film set in South Africa. Kelly, 28, flew in from Newquay, Cornwall – where pals were helping her get over the break-up. The couple spent hours talking through problems at the hotel, then had dinner at a Thai restaurant. A diner said: “Kelly was giggling and looked very happy. She kept touching his arm.”

Man, chocolates and roses? That was it? I’m confused. This article doesn’t seem to mention anything about voodoo or sacrified virgins to Zuul. Did I miss that?

One of these is NSFW: