Katie Holmes in Mission Impossible 3

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Dark Horizons is reporting that “Tom Cruise’s new girlfriend Katie Holmes is being tipped to play the actor’s love interest in the third installment of ‘Mission Impossible’. Scarlett Johansson was previously attached to an earlier script version, and this week teen actress Lindsay Lohan said she was very keen on grabbing the part. Now, according to the New York Post – insiders say the ‘Batman Begins’ and ‘Dawson’s Creek’ star “will step up as the leading lady”.

It’s always a solid idea to make plans for a year from now with a girl you’ve dated for ten minutes, and I highly recommend it. Cause, you know, what could possibly go wrong? In other news, didn’t Katie Holmes used to have a great rack? And not be pregnant? Oooo, this site’s provocative!

update – Those questions were rhetorical by the way. Katie absolutely used to have a great rack – (NSFW proof). I swear it becomes more clear to me everyday that I have absolutely no idea how the female body works.