Katie Holmes Is Doing A Scientology Interview On 20/20 Tonight

Leah Remini has been doing the stuff you do when you leave a cult, so she’s having a 20/20 special tonight to do more of that kinda stuff. Apparently Katie Holmes is gonna do that stuff when people bring your name up when they leave a cult.

Set those DVRs! ABC News revealed on Friday, Oct. 30, that Katie Holmes, former wife of famed Scientologist Tom Cruise, will speak out about ex-Scientologist Leah Remini during the King of Queen star’s much-anticipated 20/20 special….“You’re also going to hear from Katie Holmes, the former wife of Tom Cruise,” Harris teased. “[And] what she is now saying about Leah.”

Well, this is what Leah said about Katie, so I guess we’ll just have to wonder what Katie is going to say until the last commercial break.

“He was like, forcibly kissing Katie,” Remini recalled to Harris. “And I said, ‘Hey, get a freaking room.’ And uh, well, I was written up for that.”

In Tom Cruise’s 2013 deposition, he basically said Katie left him to get their kid out of Scientology, so who knows what she’s gonna say. She might say something about Leah or give us a tour of Tom Cruise’s spaceship.



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