Tom Cruise Admits Katie Holmes Divorced Him To Get Suri Out Of Scientology


Hey, remember when Scientology auditioned wives for Tom Cruise then they settled on Katie Holmes then she agreed and signed a contract then they sucked every last bit of hot out of her? Then remember when they she filed for divorce and Scientologist had her followed and tracked her every move? Man, I wonder why she left.

When lawyers first asked Cruise about claims that Holmes divorced him “in part to protect Suri from Scientology,” he lashed back. “Listen, I find that question offensive,” he exploded, according to a 36-page deposition transcript obtained by “I find it, those statements offensive. Like with any relationship, there are many different levels to it. You know, I, I find it very offensive. There is no need to protect my daughter from my religion.” They pushed further, asking, “And Ms. Holmes has never indicated in any way that was one of the reasons she left you? …To protect Suri from Scientology?” Finally, Cruise admitted, “Did she say that? That was one of the assertions, yes.” “Is Suri currently practicing Scientology?” they asked. Cruise answered, “No.”

Boy, religion is great, isn’t it? I know, I know, Scientology is totally different from Christianity. In Scientology, an evil galactic warlord stacked people around a volcano and killed them with hydrogen bombs shot out of his 747 causing their ghosts to inhabit you and make you sad. In Christianity, god date raped a married chick so she could have a baby that god could force to suffer a miserable death then come back as a zombie because he screwed up the first time with Adam. You’re right. One sounds crazy and one doesn’t.


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