Jessica Simpson has filed for divorce

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Nick Lachey came one step closer to selling oranges on the side of the freeway today, as Jessica Simpson has filed for divorce. E! Online “has confirmed that Simpson filed for divorce Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the end of her two-and-a-half-year marriage to Lachey.”

This comes after months of rumors that Jessica has strayed with Johnny Knoxville among others, but just one day after their televised USO concert and just a few hours since these pictures of the couple on a trip to Hawaii surfaced. This should be wildly unsurprising. I’m an accredited body language expert, and Jessica doesn’t look real thrilled to be with Nick. Which is hard to believe, cause he was in 98 Degrees ya know. Oh, that’s right, 98 Degrees.

Much love to Allie for the quick heads-up.

update – Well it took about 30 seconds for E! to pull the story off their website, but the quote above is verbatim from their previous post. More updates as they come.

sexy new update – US Online is now reporting that E! was forced to pull their story after a denial and a threat by Simpson. “It is completely false and we would sue them if they hadn’t taken it down,” said Simpson. Here is a screencap of the story that E! was reporting just 30 minutes ago. Damn you Allie!