Martha Stewart’s Kathy Hilton’s catchphrase is…

Robert (who I hear banged Carmen Electra) wrote in with what he swears is the new catchphrase for Martha Stewart and her reality show. Apparently everyone needs a catch phrase to boot off contestants and Martha’s is going to be, “You’re off the list.” I guess like a party list or something. It’s pretty dopey, but so is Martha, so this feels about right. If I don’t sound excited it’s cause I’m not. I hate these shows. Is it just me or do the winners never get the job they’re promised? I don’t see those Dream Job people on ESPN. I don’t see those Apprentice hacks running Trumps empire. So since it doesn’t seem to matter who wins, at the end of my show, I would just line up all the contestants and then back up some donkeys, and whoever gets kicked by a donkey first loses. And the catchphrase would be, “Holy Shit, I think that dude’s dead!”

update – Okay, so it was quickly brought to my attention that the “off the list” phrase is from the Kathy Hilton show, I Want To Be A Hilton. Sorry about that. You’ll please forgive me if I never bothered to watch that crap and didn’t know any better. And since it came in fourth place in it’s time slot, I probably didn’t even need to update this, since nobody else watched it either.