Johnny Knoxville is the daddy

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From the New York Post : “The buzz has been swirling for months that (Jessica) Simpson and (Johnny) Knoxville were having an on-set affair, but both stars have denied any talk of a tryst. But at least one eyewitness … at 40 Deuce in Los Angeles told PAGE SIX she saw Knoxville and Simpson stroking one another’s hands when the lights went down.”

The reason guys come to Hollywood is because dudes like Johnny Knoxville should be back in Tennessee wearin a coon skin cap and working on air conditioners, but instead he’s bangin away on Jessica Simpson and Lindsay Lohan, based on a career where he gets punched in the nuts by a midget in a tiny panda suit. I can’t wait to be famous. God it’s gonna be great. Until then I’ll just stick with flashing my fake badge and pulling girls over.

And now I’m gonna make the site even more sexariffic and post some pics of the latest recipient of Knoxville’s penis.