Jennifer Lopez is political

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She’s already a singing and acting superstar and now Jennifer Lopez has revealed she is considering a move into politics. The Latino beauty added that she’ll use activist pal Jane Fonda as an advisor when she gets serious … ‘I remember asking Jane if I wanted to do something what would you say. She told me: ‘There’s a time to do things and a way to do things. When you’re ready call me and I’ll tell you what’s right and what’s wrong, so you won’t get yourself in any trouble.’

I like to pretend that America wouldn’t be dumb enough to elect Jenny from the block to any kind of public office, but, based on a quick look at our current politicians, I’m pessimistic. I am encouraged by the fact that her keen political instincts have told her it’s a good idea to become aligned with Hanoi Jane Fonda, a woman mostly famous for her political activity during the Vietnam War. She was the one cheering for the Vietnamese. While they tried to kill my dad.

My dream is a world where everyone loves each other and we celebrate our differences and there’s always enough of everything for everyone. Wouldn’t that be great? Can you picture it? You can! Well, congratulations, you’re thinking of Fraggle Rock. Fag. Now go play with your dolls and not vote while I kill me some terrorists and make a necklace of ears.