Sean Penn is an idiot

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“Oscar winner Sean Penn’s latest movie has left him with such severe exhaustion, he’s retiring from the movie industry for several years to recover. He explains, ‘The first week back, you want to make up for all the time you spent away from the kids – mistake. You have to pretend you’re still away except you’re not, so you just sleep and they come to see you, otherwise you’re ill. This one has been extremely rough. I’m pretty burnt out and I’m going to have a couple of years off at least now.'”

Sean Penn is the most hateable person on the planet, and it’s really not even close. You ever notice coal miners and fisherman never seem to get “exhaustion”. They don’t pull that crap because they know their buddies would just smack them in the head, call them lazy and tell them to get back to work. Sean Penn mumbles for a living. And he doesn’t even make up the stuff he mumbles. Someone else does that for him.

Anyone who saw him at the Oscars knows what a joyless, spoiled prick he is. He’s a NRA opponent who keeps loaded handguns in his car. He’s an environmentalist who drives a 260hp muscle car. He’s an anti war activist who spends three days on a guided tour in Iraq and then lectures America like he’s an expert. I’ve spent more time than that at Magic Mountain, it doesn’t make me a fuckin engineer.