George Clooney loves pranks

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“George Clooney is telling his friends to rest easy this April Fools’ Day. But could the master prankster just be luring them into a trap? Rumor has it that Clooney plans to mark the tricksters high holy day by recruiting some actors to pose as cops. Word is he’s keeping the identity of his target under wraps. But by day’s end, his mark will be ‘under arrest.’

I like George Clooney, but I gotta be honest with you, I’ve never gotten the whole April Fools Day practical joke thing. I’m not gonna devote two weeks of my life to plotting, planning and scheming for one joke when I can just stand here and say ten things just as funny and then move on. I got a life to lead, I’m not doin all that. But Clooney has had sex with Krista Allen and I haven’t, so who’s laughing now. Bastard.