Jesus is Magic

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Sarah Silverman used to have this line in her stand-up where she said, “I totally understand why the doctor had to slap me on the ass … but he didn’t have to call me a whore.” The girl who dates Jimmy Kimmel and said “chinks” on Conan has been really really funny for a really long time. Life is a cruel bitch when brilliantly funny people like Sarah, Louis C.K. and Brian Regan languish in near anonymity while unfunny hacks like Dane Cook and those fuckin inbreds on Best Week Ever are even allowed to breathe much less broadcast their cringe worthy “jokes”. And, God as my witness, no one better write in to defend Dane Cook. I gave him a chance, I sat there, I listened – the dude’s about as funny as a dead Christmas puppy.

Anyway, the point to all this was that Sarah finally has her own concert film coming out. It’s called ‘Jesus is Magic’ and you can see the trailer here.

Many thanks to Criswell for the heads up.