10 Stand-Up Comedians Who Should Have Avoided Acting At All Costs

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The secret of life is knowing your place, and — we’re sorry, but — acting isn’t exactly the place for a lot of stand-up comedians. While we have a lot of great comedians like Bill Burr taking over TV and Louis C.K. running his own show, there are lots of comedians who really just drive us up the walls when they show up in TV and movies (ahem, Problem Child, First Kid, Employee of the Month).

Ever since the day we saw Sister Act, we thought Whoopi Goldberg was the shit. Then we saw her next film, and the one after that. The same can be said for a lot of comedians, some of which still somehow get work while others vanish off the planet (we’re looking at you, Pauly Shore). While it’s nice to see comedians like Dane Cook bounce back into comedy, others seem to have abandoned it for a better pay day. To that we say, please sit down, stand-up actors.

Have a look at 10 comedians who probably could’ve done without the acting credits. We know it seems like an easy transition, but just because you’re funny doesn’t mean you should be in funny movies. Capiche?

10 Stand-Up Comedians Who Should Have Avoided Acting At All Costs

(Facebook photo: Lionsgate)

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