Thomas Haden Church in Spider-Man 3

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Thomas Haden Church is why I despise people like Kate Hudson. People who decide they want to be an actor one day and – based on connections instead of talent and hard work – twenty minutes later they’re in Tommy Hilfiger ads with ‘Kate Hudson for Tommy Hilfiger’ scrawled across the bottom, even though no one has any idea who the hell Kate Hudson is. Well – shockingly – it’s not always that easy. In the non-fabulous world, people have to work, people have to struggle, people have to wait. Say what you will about Nic Cage, but he changed his last name (the real last name is Coppola) and stood in line like everyone else. Ten years before ‘ER’, George Clooney was in ‘E/R.’ Brad Pitt got fired from ‘Dallas’, then had to wait 4 years for ‘Thelma and Louise’. Hillary Swank lived in her car. Virginia Madsen was up for a snuff film when she got the call for ‘Sideways’.

And after 20 years of struggle, there’s a rainbow butterscotch meadow happy ending for Thomas Haden Church as well. First the Oscar nod, now the news this morning that he’s been cast as the villain in ‘Spider Man 3.’ No word yet on what part he will play, but Sandman seems a good guess, as does a bunch of grimacing and exasperated looks because he can’t defeat a fat lump like Tobey Maguire.