Zoolander 2, Spider Man 3, Indiana 4

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Indiana Jones 4 has a release date: February 2nd, 2007. That’s the date being mentioned for the release of Indiana Jones 4. Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford have both approved the script, the only delay is final script approval by George Lucas. All this according to the definitive Indiana Jones fansite.

I can say without hesitation, unless the sun is set to burn out in March of 2007, there is not a chance in hell Paramount releases Indiana Jones 4 in February. February is the dumping ground for movies. If you think this movie is gonna open in February, plan to ride there on a unicorn through a peanut butter cup meadow with a naked Jessica Biel, cause none of that’s gonna happen either.


Topher Grace in Spider Man 3: With all signs still pointing to Thomas Haden Church playing the Chameleon in Spider-Man 3, internet rumors have turned to the role set to be played by Topher Grace. Speculation so far has been that Grace was set to play Venom, but now a new rumor from a website I’ve never heard of has sprung up, and it is very much in line with what is already known. If this is true, it is hard core spoiler material, so I’ll put the answer here.

Oooo, this site’s intriguing!


Zoolander 2: According to the great website Moviehole, Owen Wilson has revealed that he and Ben Stiller are in talks to do a sequel to the 2000 comedy Zoolander. Ben Stiller is as funny as a dead Christmas puppy, but Zoolander was the best thing he’s ever done, and even I would throw my panties at Owen Wilson, so count me in.