Kirstie Alley is disgusting

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“Later, Kirstie, dressed in sexy silk pajamas, entertains at her mansion: He’s sliding an ice pop down her throat and spraying whip cream in her mouth. They end up in her bedroom, where Kirstie performs a sexy dance. When he slaps her buttocks in bed, she laughs, ‘Nobody’s slapped my ass like that!'”

It’s not cute when a regular sized person puts on 1500 pounds. It’s not normal. It’s not OK. And I’m not gonna pretend like it is. Certainly not for someone as completely hateable as Kirstie Alley. I remember watching her do interviews and she’d pull her diva shit and lounge around with chocolate on her face, fighting to breathe, eyeing her next victim on the buffet, bragging that she’ll waddle out of her trailer when she’s good and ready. Cause she’s the star and it’s her show. In other words, “attention everyone on the crew who left their families at 4:30 am to get to work by 5, I don’t care how hilariously hot it is out there : fuck you.”

I’d rather watch my grandfather masturbate than Kristie Alley try to be sexy. Even when she was hot she was ugly. And that was long before she looked like she was gonna climb a building and knock planes out of the sky.

Another quote from the link says, “She slams guys with a fat joke and almost dares them to respond,” says the insider. “Some manage to say something like, ‘You’re fantastic,’ but most guys are blown away. A lot of guys are into Kirstie, but she’s so brash it scares them off before they can ask for a date.”

It’s not because she’s so overtly sexual and guys cant handle it, it’s because she’s disgusting. They’re not responding because they’re choking on their bile. They walk away because they’re trying to be polite. You’re embarrassing and they’re trying to not scream out “get away you withered hag” but you’re begging them too.

note – this picture is from the Fat Actress premiere. This is Kirstie at her best. And I never even got into the Scientology.