Robin Williams still not funny

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Much to my heart breaking amazement, we actually got email defending the Clown Prince of Pissin Me Off. Apparently Robin Williams can do the exact same routine for 50 years and people will still marvel at his spontaneity. Luckily most of the readers here took the red pill, including Sam Sheffler, who sent us this email :

“I used to work at SNL and write jokes for Norm. This was one of them that never made it on but I kept it hanging on my bulletin board over my desk for any jackass who would walk through to see.”

I should probably maybe feel bad for picking on a geriatric, but the clueless fuck actually thinks he’s edgy. Which is why he went on the Academy Awards with tape on his mouth. Yeah, Robin, you saying “Yo man, wuz up” in that black voice you’ve done a billion times would’ve led to a river of dead.

*Note – just for the record, Robins idea of dangerous comedy is a Betty Boop reference. Sadly, I’m not kidding.