Robin Williams Was Going to Twitch Stream with Freddie Prinze Jr. Before He Died

Robin Williams had plans to Twitch stream with Freddie Prinze Jr. before he died, according to the actor. 

Freddie Prinze Jr., who streams on Twitch under the username jrtwitch1, appeared on SiriusXM this week and told Sway an anecdote about the late comedian and the pair’s plans to host a Twitch stream together. Freddie said: “I was friendly with Robin. He never got to meet my father but he was fascinated by him, and he was also a gamer. I play a lot of video games… and Robin was a big gamer, too. He named his daughter Zelda  after The Legend of Zelda, that’s how much of a gamer he was.

“We talked a lot about having dinner and I was going to show him a lot of the new games I play, and I was like: “You should come do a Twitch stream with me, people would freak out!” He was like: “Oh, I would love to, that would be fantastic!” But you know how it is when you have friends, you take it for granted and you go: “We’ll do it next week.” Then next week comes and you don’t want to drive an hour and a half because the traffic’s terrible, and you’re like: “Ah man, let me catch you another time, I can’t make it.” And then he was just gone.”

Freddie then drew comparisons between Robin’s passing and that of the late Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker, adding: “You think I’d have learned my lesson with Paul Walker. [Paul] was better at jiu-jitsu than I am, but I’m good, and we’d always talked about getting together and doing jiu-jitsu and showing him my philosophies versus his philosophies, and we said: “Yeah, we’ll do it next week,” but no. Gone. Instead of learning my lesson, I screwed up again.”


Freddie Prinze Jr. (Image Credit: Robin Marchant / Getty Images)

Robin Williams expressed his love of video games multiple times in the past, with him having a noted appreciation of Nintendo games. However, he also enjoyed playing games such as World of Warcraft – though his online profile was never made public – with Blizzard memorializing him in the game after his passing by introducing a new NPC called Robin the Entertainer, who shared a resemblance with the comedian’s character from Disney’s Aladdin, the Genie.

Given his infamously high-energy style of comedy, we can imagine that Robin would have made for an hilarious Twitch stream, so it’s a shame that this never came to fruition. The comedian/actor died in 2014 after committing suicide, with his wife revealing that he had been suffering with “diffuse Lewy body dementia,” which played a key factor in him deciding to take his own life.