Streamer With 100 Followers Now Has Most Viewed Twitch Clip in History

A streamer who previously had around 100 followers has seen a clip taken from one of his streams becomes the most viewed Twitch clip in history, receiving over 1.5 million views and causing his follower count to blow up in the process.

Prior to the clip going viral, JurassicJunkieLive had 100 followers and was averaging 8 viewers per stream. However, the hilarious footage of him reacting to his young daughter entering the room while playing Outlast 2 has caused his follower count to climb exponentially, with him now sitting at over 3,000 followers as the clip has been widely shared across social media sites and gaming news outlets.

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The clip shows JurassicJunkie playing through a particularly tense moment in the horror game Outlast 2, with him initially being startled by a crow that flies in front of his path. He then turns around to see his daughter, who had quietly entered the room, standing behind him, prompting an even louder and high-pitched scream.

Watch the video below:

JurassicJunkie took to the Twitch Reddit page to discuss the impact the clip has had on his channel. “I don’t really play many scary games, and one night some one bought me Five Nights at Freddy’s and I screamed like a little girl,” he wrote. “From then on I learned my followers enjoyed how much I hate horror games so every Friday I’ve done “Frightday” and played scary games. I stream Mon/Wed/Fri but Fridays are always when I pull in most people. So I’ve made sure I’ve always got a good scary game ready.

“I then started to play Outlast 2, and had many jump scares that was clipped but one of them was perfect,” he continued.

“My partner went to the shop and got me a Jack Daniels (in a can) and sent me 2 year old daughter up the stairs to give it to me (My office is in the loft). Due to my headphones I never heard her enter the room. At this point a crow jumped up in the game and made me scream, I then looked down to see a devil child looking back at me and screamed blue murder.”

The clip has now been viewed more times than any other clip in Twitch’s history, according to Clips.GG, catapulting him into the streaming site’s record books. According to JurassicJunkie, he’s now managing to pull in around 80 viewers per stream, but he doesn’t want his channel’s popularity to get out of hand. “At this point I don’t think I want my channel to grow much larger as I’ve always enjoyed talking to my viewers and I think if I got any more, the chat would move to fast for both me and them to enjoy,” he said. However, with his channel’s popularity showing no signs of slowing down in the wake of the clip’s viral success