Christina Aguilera is engaged

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Christina Aguilera is engaged. And, for whatever reason, I just can’t get into this story. Maybe it’s because she’s marrying this guy and I’m pretty sure I could still bang her whenever I wanted, but it’s probably cause the pics below showed up this weekend too. What the hell is wrong this girl. I feel compelled to mention that I didn’t alter these pics in any way. This isn’t me trying to fuck with her. This was her idea. I bet you the phrase “has anyone seen my heroin” was overheard a lot during this shoot, cause some daffy bastard looked at Christina and said, “yeah, you look ok, but what you really need is a mustache drawn on you so you look like a 19th century strongman. That’s what guys want, guys like girls who look like they should be cackling maniacally and adjusting their monocle and top-hat while tying a damsel to the train tracks. Yeah, yeah like that, that’s hot.”