the Grammy Awards

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I really hope no one showed up here Monday morning looking for the most comprehensive Grammy coverage, because the dusty mummies who run those awards have made them so completely irrelevant, I didn’t even realize they were on. Luckily citylimitsgrl (and that may be an alias) is more aware than I am. It seems the show this year was a typically raucous affair, with a dead man sweeping just about every category. I would take Ray Charles over just about everybody, but I find that a little suspect. Frankly I’m amazed that the fossils in charge even want black people to vote much less win their biggest awards, so I guess I have to give them some credit.

And apparently recording artist Britney Spears now has half as many Grammys as money shot artist Bill Clinton. Well done, Britney. Well done. I realize you were never all about the music, mostly your job was to be fuckable, but you’re not doing too great at that lately either.

Oh well, whatever, the Grammy’s have been dead to me for years and they’re gonna stay that way until I see the Dandy Warhols on stage with so much gold it’ll be an affront to God.