Guy Gets Excruciatingly Friend-Zoned On ‘Let’s Make A Deal’…Or Does He?

Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS (Getty)

Perhaps this is something they should have discussed ahead of time (but absolutely not live on the air).

Look, rejection sucks. Whether it’s from a job or WHILE on a date with someone, it doesn’t get any easier and is beyond embarrassing in most cases. Most cases would certainly include the on-air cringe-fest that took place last Friday on the CBS game show Let’s Make a Deal. As pointed out by Chelsea Lockwood on Twitter, few situations (if any) can top rock bottom:

While the clip went viral soon after posting, something seemed amiss. It was almost too embarrassing and awkward, almost as if it were staged. But that couldn’t possibly be, could it? A game show where the contestants are actually actors? What’s next, reality TV is a lie, too? Let’s take to the comments section of the post and get to the bottom of this.

Well, that didn’t take long. As you can see, Jessie Rabideau (a.k.a. Miss “I’m single”) has appeared in numerous shorts and TV series since 2013. Kudos go to Jesse McKeil for bursting the internet’s bubble almost immediately. Guess you really can’t believe everything you see on TV.

For when it actually happens: The Gentleman’s Guide To Handling Rejection

However, this is still the internet, so the click will surely still show up on Reddit threads for years to come with no one being the wiser (or simply choosing to forget because it’s funnier that way).