Cleveland Radio Host Has To Eat Horse Poop Because The Browns Drafted Baker Mayfield

Radio Host or Podcaster Working at His Desk. Photo: stephanie phillips (Getty)

What is it with the city of Cleveland and its residents’ yearning to introduce horse shit into their calorie intake?

Who could forget that Cavaliers fan “celebrating” by bending down and eating a fresh pile of police horse turds after Cleveland won the NBA Championship in 2016? We sure didn’t, as watching a human being chow down on feces is just one of those things that only years of therapy could remove from your memory bank.

Well, it appears as though another “human being” in Cleveland is about to eat horse shit, and it once again has to do with one of the city’s sports teams. ESPN Cleveland’s Aaron Goldhammer told his listening audience for weeks that he would eat horse poop if the Browns drafted Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield last night.

And son of a beehive, that’s exactly what happened.

Picking Mayfield with the first overall pick didn’t sit too well with many Browns fans, especially this guy.

Even more amazing than a man over the age of 60 on Twitter? You guessed it – Goldhammer let everybody know that he’s a man of his word and will still go forward with eating a horse turd sometime next week.

By the looks of things, 12 or 13 people are really excited about watching a guy eat horse crap. Sounds totally worth it, dude.