Survey Suggests Millennials Wouldn’t Know Their Taxes From A Hole In The Ground

Calendar on office desk showing date April 17 2018. Photo: Piotrekswat (Getty)

It’s hard growing up. Who would want to if they didn’t absolutely have to? But considering there are only two certainties in life — death and taxes — there comes a point where you need to acquaint yourself with the latter. Tell a millennial today is Tax Day, however, and you’re 66 percent likely to get this response:

tax day millennials

Now, before flying off the handle with a full-on millennial-bashing tirade, the H&R Block survey in question needs some added clarity. First and foremost, to anyone reading this who isn’t aware, Tax Day always falls on April 15th, excluding when said date comes on the weekend or a holiday. In the particular case of 2018, the 15th was a Sunday and the 16th was Emancipation Day — that’s a legal holiday in Washington D.C.

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When presented those three specific dates, only one-third of the 1,000 millennial Americans surveyed knew the correct date of Tax Day 2018. Then again, perhaps it’s a loose date. After all, the IRS itself is having some technical issues on this, the last day to file. So why wing shade at one specific group of people and single them out for something most folks wouldn’t know off the top of their heads? It must just be the trendy thing to do. Anyways, here’s a video featuring more information millennials can’t wrap their wee brains around come tax season:

When all’s said and done, we say as long as you went to a tax professional to get your filing done (something 61 percent of millennials still didn’t do despite their — and only their — cluelessness), what does it really matter what you know? Furthermore, we give most folks the benefit of the doubt. Surely it is common knowledge that Tax Day (barring exceptions) is April 15th. Hence, even dumb millennials got them done two days early. Nice attempt at getting the younger crowd to look bad, though. Maybe next year.


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