10 Ridiculous Things You Can Actually Write Off In Your Taxes This Year, Money Bags

Photo: alfexe (Getty)

It’s that time of year again. No, not the time when America rips off another country’s customs in the name of public drunkenness. Tax time. And while filing taxes may be a headache or a pocket pincher for many of you, it turns out there are all kinds of ridiculous things you can actually write off. But mostly, it’s the time of year where we wear stupid hats and disrespect other cultures with our alcoholic holidays.

If you try hard enough, you can find a way to write off just about anything, which is clearly evident by some of the people you’re about to read about. You know, the people who make the best of a bad investment or terrible life decision. Is your pool more of a money pit? Do you stare at your girlfriend and wonder how to make money off her? Did you get a DUI for crashing your car and somehow still feel entitled? Well, look no further than right below.

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Have a look at these clever tax loopholes and see what ridiculous thing you can write-off this year. Just promise us you won’t waste the money on St. Patty’s and get busted having drunken dumpster sex like these two.